Founded in 2022, by Allan Blake ABC2 electric offers exceptional commercial, residential, and specialist electrician services throughout the Denver metro area. Our team of experienced electricians can provide installations, repairs, and replacements for projects of any scale.

At ABC2 Electric our goal is to provide the best electrical services in the Denver Market.

We make sure the job is done right.

We make sure the job is done on time.

We make sure the job is completed on budget.

Reliable commercial or residential electricians will have experience working with electrical systems and wiring on a variety of buildings. They should be able to provide advice on what kind of equipment would suit your needs best, and they should be able to install it correctly.

We’re Skilled Professionals

If you’re hiring a professional electrician in Denver, it’s important to find someone who has experience working with electrical systems and can provide references from previous clients. Our founder, Allan Blake, has worked for almost 50 years and is a true expert and holds his California C10 Electrical contractor license. ABC2 Electric’s team specializes in commercial electrical systems, but our electricians can tackle almost any job.

Superior Trust

The best way to find out if a company will provide superior service is to ask them directly and to check their references. If they don’t answer honestly and directly, it may be a red flag. ABC2 Electric has a gold star reputation and works hard to maintain that trust in our community by making sure our technicians leave customers safe and happy.

Services From a Trusted Professional Denver Electrician

A professional electrician will know what needs to be done to ensure your home or business has the best electrical system possible. They’ll also know which parts of the job require special training or licensing so they can provide the highest quality service. Pro electricians can provide an accurate cost estimate for an installation, replacement, or repair — and will make sure the work is completed on budget and safely.

What Kind of Work Does ABC” Electric Do?

Our electricians often fix outlets, install lights and switches, service breaker boxes, map circuits, repair commercial electrical systems, and wire construction sites. We can handle anything from residential appliances to installing industrial scale power systems. 

Safety Always Comes First

Working with electrical systems can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. High voltage systems can severely injure or even kill unskilled workers, and shoddy work can put your home or business at risk. Simple mistakes like incorrectly wiring a ceiling fan can result in catastrophic outcomes, like fires. This is why ABC2 Electric’s electricians must maintain strict certification, and that’s why we monitor their work closely for quality assurance. You’re safe in our hands.