If you’re looking for a school electrician in Denver, Colorado, ABC2 Electric is an excellent choice. They have the skills, experience, and positive attitude you need for any school electrical project. 

Schools are essential, prominent buildings, and ensuring the electrical is up to code and done professionally is crucial. ABC2 provides precisely that with decades of experience at the helm. 

Why Is ABC2 Electric the Best Choice for School Electrical Services?

ABC2 Electric specializes in commercial electric services, so they’re comfortable with the extra high voltage, complex wiring systems and expected procedures for servicing important commercial buildings such as schools. The founder has over 50 years of experience working with these complicated systems, so you know you’re in good hands. 

They have the experience and care about their client’s experience, which is essential for any electrical project, especially when servicing important buildings where children learn, such as schools. They pride themselves on finishing their projects on time, on budget, and with exceptional quality. 

How Do School Electrical Services Differ From Residential Electrical Services?

School electrical services are considered commercial services, which are different from residential services, mainly in terms of voltage. Residential voltages typically run between 120 and 240 volts, considered high-voltage. Commercial voltages can run above 240 volts, which is considered extra-high voltage. 

The wiring systems between residential and commercial electricity are also different. Commercial buildings usually have larger wiring systems with tube conduits, which contrast with the small wiring systems and plastic sheathing used in residential electrical wiring. 

Commercial electrical systems also tend to be more complex, and the expected procedures are more in-depth. A backup power source is typically expected beforehand, whereas this expectation isn’t the same with residential electricians. 

Why Should Your Electricians Be Bonded and Insured?

You should always use electricians who are bonded and insured. Not only are they more reputable, but their work is protected for the electrician and the customer. All of ABC2’s electricians are both bonded and insured. 

So what’s the difference?

A Bonded Electrician Is a Responsible Electrician

A bond is designed to protect the customer in the event of anything going wrong with the work done by the electrician. This measure is a sign of a responsible electrician. It makes customers feel safer and boosts the electrician’s reputation (rightfully so). 

The bond will pay the customer if the electrician doesn’t perform work as agreed upon, commits theft, or engages in fraud. 

This type of coverage requires the electrician to pay the bond company, so they lose that money if they default on their work and the bond company has to pay the customer. Some states even require an electrician to be bonded before receiving their license (or maintaining it). Colorado does not require this, but they do highly recommend it. 

Insurance Is Important (And Required)

Insurance is designed to protect the electrician and their business. Suppose anything goes wrong while the electrical work is being done, such as someone getting injured or property being damaged. In that case, you can file a claim with the insurance company to recover the damages.

Most often, the type of insurance electricians have is liability insurance. Ensure your electrician has this coverage before hiring them to do any work. If issues arise and they don’t have coverage, you may be forced into filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance. 

What Qualifications Do Electricians Need To Work in Colorado?

To work as a school electrician in Colorado, you need a license first and foremost. This is no small task.

These are the steps to getting a license in Colorado: 

  1. Register with the Department of Regulatory Agencies to start your apprenticeship.
  2. Do your training with an apprenticeship program. You can do this through an IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) or IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors).
  3. Take the exam (you must apply for it) to become an electrical journeyman. 
  4. Now, you can consider getting a master electrician license or an electrical contractor license. 

Finding an Electrical Apprenticeship

When signing up for an electrical apprenticeship, you first decide whether you want to choose a union or non-union apprenticeship. Once you find the right fit, you can register as an apprentice through the Colorado State Electrical Board for a $30 fee (paid by your hiring contractor). 

You can find union apprenticeships through a JACT (Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee) and non-union apprenticeships through the IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors), Rocky Mountain Chapter. 

Taking the Electrical Journeyman Exam

You can’t just walk in and take the electrical journeyman exam when you feel ready. There are a lot of requirements before you’re allowed to take this exam. The requirements vary depending on whether you have an electrical degree or not. It isn’t required to earn a degree;  you can choose this path or earn more hands-on experience. 

If you don’t have a degree, these are the requirements: 

  • 288 hours of training (classroom and lab-based)
  • 8,000 hours of experience under a licensed electrician (on-site experience)

If you have an electrical degree, these are the requirements: 

  • A two-year degree from an electrical technology school
  • 288 hours of training (classroom and lab-based)
  • 6,000 hours of experience under a licensed electrician (on-site experience)

Once you’re ready to take the exam, you must submit an application. This comes with a $100 fee, so ensure you’re ready when applying. You’ll also need to pay a $75 exam fee. To pass this exam, you must earn 70% or greater to earn your license in Colorado. This must be renewed every three years. 

These requirements and exams are similar if you continue pursuing the master electrician or an electrical contractor license. In addition, the fees and renewal requirements are the same, requiring a little more experience before applying. 

Look no further than ABC2 Electric for your next school electrician in Denver. They’ll do the job on time without charging excess fees while professionally conducting themselves. 

You need the best service for school electricity, so hire the best commercial electrical service in the Denver, Colorado, area to get the job done right.