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Finding an electrician in Denver, CO, you can trust can be a tall task. If you are on the hunt for the best electrician in Denver, then you have located the right folks for the job. 

The skilled team of electricians at ABC2 Electric is here to put a new spin on electrical work in our corner of Colorado. With a focus on doing the job correctly the first time, on time, and on budget, ABC2 Electric makes customer care a hallmark of our services. 

Why Should You Choose ABC2 Electric?

ABC2 Electric takes our professionalism, experience, and customer service skills and places them at the center of our business. It is easy to brag about making customers happy, but our seal of approval is when those customers come back. Here is what we offer you when you give us a call.  

Excellent Service

ABC2 Electric will put our service up against any other electrical contractor or commercial electrician in Denver, CO. We have the confidence and the experience to shoot straight with our clients and tell them what they need to get a job done versus telling them what they want to hear. 

We feel straight answers and direct communication with our clients is the best way to instill confidence and create customers for life. We want your business, but we also want to be your only call for years after you have done business with us.

Our commercial electricity knowledge also allows us to precisely know what your needs may be from the first consultation. We do not need to guess. We can make it work and get it done on your timelines. With timelines being a necessary and delicate part of any job, we understand how to get the job done quickly.

Skilled Electricians

A skilled electrician is worth every penny. Luckily for you, ABC2 Electric delivers skilled workers who can identify and fix issues with your wallet in mind. Those skills and experience come from decades in the field and on construction sites across the country. From California to Denver, we know what it takes to be part of any long-term electricity solution.

That experience starts at the top. ABC2 Electric founder Allan Blake has over 50 years of experience on commercial job sites delivering top-quality electrical contracting work. With all his experience, calling Allan merely an “expert” might be underselling what he and our team can offer to a client.

A trustworthy commercial electrician will have knowledge of wiring and electrical systems in business structures. They can advise you on the equipment that would meet your requirements. 

With commercial electrical standards constantly changing, you need a company like ABC2 Electric which makes staying on the cutting edge of electrical knowledge part of our ethos. 

Satisfied Customers

Satisfying customers is not just for pizza restaurants and fast food joints anymore. A satisfied customer in the commercial electrician world has a project completed on time, under budget, and done correctly from the start. 

ABC2 Electric has made those three tenets our guiding principles for our services. Electricians might throw equations around like Ohm’s Law, but our equation is straightforward: Completed On Time + On Budget + Correct from the Start = Satisfied Customers. 

Those satisfied customers have also become evangelists for our work. Commercial customers around the Denver area have already leaned on us to complete jobs for them. We assure you that you will be one as soon as we flip the breaker and deliver the final invoice. 

What Do Electricians Do?

Electricians are your subject matter experts for power consumption in a home or business. A skilled and experienced electrician can install, repair, and maintain electrical systems, communications systems, and control systems without sweating. 

With over 700,000 skilled electricians nationwide, a reliable and experienced team of professionals can be intimidating to seek if you do not know your exact needs. A professional electrician can identify and implement your needs with detailed inspections, listening to their clients, and understanding rules and regulations. 

Electricians also spend time upgrading and maintaining their skills to the point where even the smallest detail work becomes second nature. You want an electrician who makes their job a source of their pride. ABC2 Electric provides electricians who have made a career of delivering fine electrical craftsmanship at every moment on the job.

What Are the Most Common Questions to Consider Before Choosing an Electrician? 

Choosing an electrician can be a stressful experience if a customer does not understand their unique needs or what the job site may require. These aspects are why it is crucial to come prepared with questions whenever you must speak to an electrician. 

Are You Licensed, Insured, and Bonded? 

A professional electrician will be able to produce credentials for you at the drop of a hat. Electricians spend years perfecting their craft to receive licenses from state or federal regulators. An insured and bonded electrician also protects you from any potential liability issues that may come up on a job site. 

Can You Produce Previous Work References? 

Professional contractors know their reputations are on the line anytime they set foot on a job site. Presenting a portfolio of satisfied customers to any potential client not only shows customers an electrician’s experience but also serves as the basis for building trust and understanding. 

What Are Your Rates? 

This question is crucial for many new or future customers. As the old saying goes, a skilled trade will cost you because of the years that person has spent perfecting their craft. Still, being upfront and honest with your job site’s budgetary needs can help alleviate stress and anxiety over the project. 

Want to Know More? Contact Us!

ABC2 Electric started in 2022 with the hope of giving Denver a new and experienced voice in a crowded electrical contractors market. We hope a consultation with us will provide you with the confidence to hire us for any of your commercial electrical needs. 

If you are ready for a different kind of electrician in Denver, CO, give us a call today!