Allan Blake
COO/ Owner/ Founder

Allan’s role at ABC2 Electric

Allan Blake is an Electrician by trade. At ABC 2 Allan will wear whatever hat fits that day. His duties include running the daily operations, estimating, project managing, redlines, consulting with clients, and training.


Allan has been in the electrical trade for 49 years. He started as a freshman in high school. His first project was a doorbell. 4 years of electrical trade school. Allan is very proud of his instructors who molded young teenagers into some great electricians. Mr C ( an author of the NEC) his Code teacher taught him how to calculate voltage drops at 14 years old.

Joining and serving 6 years in the Army Corps of Engineers where Allan was the Honor Graduate of his class.

After getting his California C10 Electrical contractor license at 25 Allan started Blake Electric. Electrical has taken Allan around the world. Woking at many fortune 500 Companies (Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor).

Allan believes electrical knowledge must be passed on as it was to him. Electricians are the central core of modern civilized society. Taken for granted by most people, as an electrician, you face life and death situations every single day. Allan takes Electrical safety very seriously and makes sure his men do also.