It could be a critical emergency of epic proportions if anything happens with the power supplied or the equipment used in a hospital, nursing home, or long-term care facility. With patient well-being and lives at the heart of a healthcare facility, knowing who to call in an emergency is paramount. 

Why choose specialized healthcare electrician services vs. residential or commercial electrician services? Expertise. It would not be wise to have an HVAC technician roof your home, so why utilize an electrician that falls short?

ABC2 Electric is here when you need healthcare electrician services. We offer the best professional, specialized healthcare electricians in the Denver, Colorado, area. 

Our experience covers routine maintenance, renovations, new construction, and system upgrades. 

How Do Healthcare Electrical Services Differ From Residential Services?

Residential electricians receive training to install, troubleshoot, and repair single-phase power. Technicians wrap wires in a sheathed insulation, keep the wiring behind walls and panels or run the installation in the ceiling. 

Commercial electricians are trained and licensed to work in a commercial setting, including office buildings, stores, warehouses, and more. Commercial electricians work with contractors and inspectors before a site is leased or sold. Commercial electricians are adept at working with three-phase power; two smaller phases and one higher voltage phase. Commercial or industrial applications require 208, 240, 480, or 600 volts. 

The state of Colorado standards and government regulations are also very different for each type of work. To guarantee that your facility and required repairs or upgrades meet code requirements, procuring the correct type of electrical service technicians is necessary. 

What Kinds of Projects Do Healthcare Electricians Work On?

Healthcare electricians work on nurse call systems, patient room wiring, backup generators, surgical room lighting, isolation ward power, laboratory equipment, and other power-related requirements.

Electricians specializing in healthcare facilities know how to perform preventative maintenance in patient rooms, treatment centers, and surgical areas. 

Healthcare electricians also work with contractors to maintain project deadlines and ensure that the facility’s electrical components meet code requirements. 

If your facility is undergoing renovations, additions, or upgrades, an electrician skilled in healthcare facilities can perform that work too. 

Why Is It Important To Hire Experienced, Qualified Electricians for Healthcare Projects?

The license type held by the electrician is crucial information to understand when hiring an electrician. Each level’s hours of experience and education vary accordingly, and hiring the right experience level for the job is essential. 

Licensing Requirements

A journeyman electrician is one of the first steps after the apprenticeship stage. A journeyman is a trained electrician licensed to work on their own but must be under the guidance of a master technician. A journeyman must earn 8,000 during four or more years. Four thousand of those hours must be in commercial work. Two hundred eighty-eight hours of classroom education is also required. 

To qualify as a licensed master electrician, the technician has several options: 

  • Hold an electrical engineering graduate degree and 2,000 hours of commercial experience, OR 
  • Earn and graduate from an electrical trade school with 8,000 hours of experience during four years, OR
  • Earn 2,000 hours of experience in one year AND meet one of the requirements above.
    • You should earn hours in planning and layout and some hours earned during supervision. A licensed master electrician should provide supervision. 

Local industry and legislative changes exist to all electricians’ licensing and training requirements. Utilizing the expertise of an experienced, qualified electrician for your healthcare project guarantees that work will meet local codes, eliminating the potential for additional costs, downtime, and potential fines. 

Master Electrician Experience Requirements

  • Receive a degree as an electrical engineer and earn 2,000 hours of experience in one year of construction, OR
  • Graduate from an electrical trade school with 8,000 experience hours earned in four years, OR
  • Earn 2,000 hours of experience in one year AND one of the requirements above.
    • You should earn hours in planning and layout and some hours earned under the supervision of a licensed Journeyman.

What Sort of Qualifications and Insurance Should Your Electrician Have?

A reputable healthcare electrician has spent significant time learning a specific trade, completing experience hours, and meeting qualifications outlined by the state of Colorado. The experience and education add up to thousands of hours of on-the-job training.

Electricians must also be registered and licensed to specifications required in their area. 

Insurance requirements depend on the status of the electrician. An independent contractor must have general liability coverage, professional liability insurance, and personal injury. Excess liability insurance might also prove essential if the electrician works in large-scale facilities. 

Commercial umbrella insurance combines all the riders necessary to protect a business and its clients adequately. 

A commercial company will have the necessary insurance requirements to cover any loss or incident and, if asked, should provide proof of coverage. 

Why Choose ABC2 Electric for Your Healthcare Electrician Needs?

For a healthcare electrician in Denver, CO, ABC2 Electric has built a reputation for having experienced, professional electricians and support staff to address any electrical issues or requirements at your healthcare facility.

At ABC2 Electric, we understand the difference between residential electrical requirements and those of a healthcare facility. We are licensed and adequately insured to protect our interests as those of your facility. Our technicians have undergone an apprenticeship program and moved to a licensed journeyman or master electrician position. 

At ABC2 Electric, we can accommodate construction projects, renovations, or repairs with a team of licensed journeymen under the supervision of a master electrician to a solo master electrician performing preventative maintenance or emergency repairs. 

Our technicians understand their responsibilities to follow protocol for ensuring patient health and safety while performing typical electrician duties in a hospital or care facility. With 24-hour service, ABC2 Electric will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our motto is that the job should be done right, on time, and on budget; with these goals, we set forth to provide the best electrical services throughout the Denver metro area.